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The State of Hypnosis


It is a natural state, a state of consciousness staggered in which you focus your attention towards a precise objective. It is like when you are carried away by music, a film or a book, when you arrive somewhere by not being aware of the whole journey that has been made or the state in which you are between the Awakening and sleep.

In a hypnosis session, this state is recreated and amplified. Some people have the feeling of being in a reverie and in a deep relaxation. At this point, blockages and behaviors, known as unconscious learning, are perceived differently and then modified.

What happens during a session ?

At the first meeting, it is important to get acquainted and to specify together your objective. Then, accompanied by persuasive and evocative words, you will be invited to explore this second part of yourself and plunge into your unconscious. It will then be able to find the solution that suits you best, create new behaviors or new perceptions that will naturally be adapted to the change you really want, depending on who you are and at your own pace.

You work sitting or standing during a hypnosis session. Even if you do not sleep, the hypnotic trance exit is accompanied toward the return to a more common state of consciousness and will allow you to begin to feel the positive changes already begun during the session.

What is RITMO®


It is a particularly effective method for people with post-traumatic stress disorder. Victims or witnesses of traumatic events (accidents, attacks, catastrophes, etc.) regularly recount the event in different forms or apprehend certain situations that recall the trauma and generate fears or anxieties.

RITMO® (Reprocessing of Traumatic Information by Eye Movements) is a technique related to EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). Linked to NLP and especially to hypnosis, RITMO® helps relieve traumatic manifestations. During the sleep, the events of the day are retired, sorted and naturally integrated by unconscious eye movements from left to right. In some cases, this natural ability is blocked. The RITMO®, through the movement of the eyes but also by the touch and the sounds, is to relaunch this natural process of information processing in order to overcome the trauma, to modify its perception And to find new resources in reality and its present capabilities. RITMO is taught at the ARCHE by Lili Ruggieri, its designer, as part of Ericksonian hypnosis practitioner training,

I use this method according to the needs of my clients.


Duration and session rates

Hypnosis is a brief therapy, it is an accompaniment to your change and your practitioner is your companion .. No magic in hypnosis and your motivation is indispensable. The result of change is based on your desire and your involvement.

Depending on the problem, some people need 2 to 3 sessions, and others need 5 to 10 sessions.

Any appointment canceled less than 48h in advance is due.


A session lasts about 1h30, face to face in office.

Rate on request and decreasing according to the number of sessions.


HypnoCoaching Geneve, 3 session points :

Geneva, Switzerland - rue de la Terrassiere, 1207 Genève

Vaud, Switzerland - Divonne / Crassier (border)

Annemasse, France - Hôpital Privé des Pays de Savoie, rue Pierre Mendès France

HypnoCoaching Geneve, it is also :

- The hypnosis workshop once a month : see Blog page

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