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First and most important, “the Risk/Reward Ratio (or RRR)…should influence almost all of your decisions.” Lessinger recommends that you consider three issues:

1. What does it cost you to [bluff]?

2. How much will you win if the [bluff] succeeds?

3. What are your chances of success?

Issues 1 and 2 are usually easy to calculate, and Lessinger focuses on 3, your chances of success. He tells you:

· When to bluff by teaching you how to analyze factors such as your opponents’ playing styles, calling patterns, and tells

· How to bluff with many examples and his “Twelve Bluffing Proverbs.”

I will discuss only three proverbs.

7. Indecisiveness leads to failure…. You must be strong. Any indecisiveness will work against you.

8. A good bluff tells a story that the victim believes and understands…. Let him remain confident in his fold…. Confusion leads to curiosity. Curiosity often leads to calls….

11. You can’t be afraid of running a failed bluff. Some people avoid bluffing for fear of embarrassment…. You have to get over that fear, because if you are going to play optimal poker, you will have plenty of bluffs that fail.

What matters is…how much money you make from your successful bluffs compared to how much you lose at your unsuccessful ones.



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