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Combined with coaching, the Ericksonian Hypnosis or in other words modern hypnosis is a communication tool which focuses on feelings rather than symptoms or causes and helps you reach the expected change. This technic allows you to go further and faster in order to overcome your fears and beliefs. 


Ericksonian Hypnosis is a brief therapy (less than 2 years) that will guide you find your very own solutions as a part of your personnal development. The number of sessions and their contents may vary from one person to another. When changes occur after the first session, it is interesting to follow their evolution. This is neither medicine nor psychotherapy and no diagnosis will be laid.


Change faster with hypno coaching !


Our unconscious records all our actions and all our emotions which are the subject of our unconscious reactions. By changing our mechanisms we can work on many uncounscious areas. Hypnosis applications are as diversified as people are unique and depend on each person's willingness :


Change of habits, attitudes, feelings,

Creating new behaviors,

Managing emotions, stress, anxiety, shyness,

Sleep disorders, burn-out or bore-out, self confidence,

Concentration, motivation,

Overcome anxieties and fears, temporary or chronic pain, insomnia

Addictions, phobias, trauma (period of mourning, accidents, ...)

Prepare a meeting, an exam, an interview

Develop creativity, public speaking

Bouncing professionally, manage projects... 

This list is not exhaustive.


Ericksonian hypnosis' practice is only based on a long-term search for autonomy.


A hypnosis session does not replace a medical consultation. Only a doctor is authorized to diagnose, prescribe, modify or delete a prescription. You must not under any circumstances interrupt your possible treatment. At any time, it may be possible for me to refer you to a medical professional,

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